1964 Skylark convertible exhaust questions


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Hi everyone, my name is Scott and I live an hour north of Seattle. I have a 1964 Skylark convertible that is something of a running project, if you will. I spent some money last summer getting it roadworthy and was finally driving it when something slipped and fell in the exhaust. The midpipe is sitting too low now and I want to get it back on the road. I am fairly new to working on my own stuff so I am sure to be ignorant of some questions and or information that is necessary. I will try to be as thorough as possible.

I got underneath the car tonight and saw nothing broken or out of the ordinary. There is a lot of room for the H pipe to be raised higher but no hangers or brackets there. Is this common? It would seem to me that it would be supported somehow through that section? Or maybe this is part of the project that the previous owner (who had most of the work done) just didn't get to? The frame rails above this section don't offer a great perch unless I was to weld a bracket up there. Any suggestions?

FWIW, the car has the original 300 Wildcat and has had a dual exhaust put on. The previous owner did most of the work in 2004 and it sat waiting to be finished for 15 years.


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The hangers would be back near the mufflers and tail pipes. Look there. Really no reason for the pipe to fall down unless it is corroded enough to fail.


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As it has a H pipe clearance on the driveshaft being fully extended or other areas depending on its location may be the reason it appears low. Also the exhaust manifold connection points for the exhaust pipe may be long which would make the pipes hang lower. If it's a aftermarket system it could be something of a one size fits all for other GM vehicles on the same platform which may not be a exact fit, hard to tell without seeing it.
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