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1971 buick brakes


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With the booster hooked up the pedal is low and musshy, with the vacuum diconected it gets worse. We tested the booster and did the test stated up above and the pedal got hard and upon starting up the pedal went down enough to notice.


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Hydraulic brake problems are fairly common. I have read about pinched hard line or collapsed soft lines. In your case, you have a non stock system coupled with a possible low vacuum situation. Keep at it and good luck.

Not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but you should join over at V8buick.com

With all due respect to this site, it cannot hold a candle to v8buick with respect to the car you have.


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Just remember the poor vacuum could be caused by lots of things other than a camshaft, dwell not set correctly, timing not set correctly, carburetor mixture and idle screws not set correctly, etc.
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