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1973 455 Riviera swap for BBC 454


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1973 Riviera
Pulled the engine on my 73 Riviera to find the last three inches of the cam laying against the flex plate! Will perform the post mortem soon, but am wondering about swapping for a 454 Chevy if my block is now a boat anchor.


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It's somewhat up to budget, your ability to make the swap and what the end results are to be.

Keeping a Buick 455 may be more plug and play. Used, rebuilt or short block with your other engine as a donor if there still usable parts. There are go fast build parts for the 455 if additional HP and torque, maybe not as popular compared to other engines, but it can be built.

The Chevrolet 454 has more aftermarket parts, so if you are looking at adding HP and torque as a build project then the 454 may be a good choice. Of course all other items, mounts, possibly radiator, exaust, etc need to be part of the swap and budget.

There are posts on other forums where the original Buick motors have been swapped which could help in knowing what is going to be involved.

I would look at a 455, partly because it is unique and for the possible resale value at a later date.


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