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For Sale 1990 Reatta Convertible


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Last month I overheated my Reatta convertible, was my daily driver for 7 years. Black exterior, tan interior. Water leaked from metal hose up under the alternator. It may have ruined the head gaskets. I think, not 100% sure, as it ran fine the next morning, shut it off, and heard an unusual strange noise, then wouldn't turn over. In need of quick cash and this car gone. I had just put on new water pump, new starter, and new battery all within past 2 weeks. Top is original and old, some leaks, so needs replacement. Top Needs Replacement. Only has 136,000 miles. Tires are relatively new, about 10 k on them, wheels are nice. Photos taken after a mud bath. New spare. It's perfect for the garage mechanic looking for a classic. They only made 2000+- convertibles, and these sell for top dollar and increasing yearly. Look at the prices, compare online. Trans shift fine. This is a good way to get into one of these cheaply. Needs some other small repairs, headlights doors (old problem) window motors. Paint on hood needs re-doing. Planned to drive it forever and restore as needed, hate to sell it but don't have time. Was a good daily driver. If you got time to change head gaskets, and/or fiddle with the unknowns you got a great deal here and will increase in value. This is officially an antique and will increase in value as you drive. Needs to be towed, and I'll help to locate a transporter. No games please. Serious buyers only. 774-253-9143 $1400.00 You Reatta collector know this is a bargain.


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