1994 RWM Suspension Overhaul


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Hello Gents,

I purchased a 94 RMW earlier this year and have been repairing it as I go along. It has 180,000 miles on it so the suspension was a little more "floaty" than it should have been.

After reading the forums, I choose Monroe Gas-Magnum Severe Service shocks AKA poor man's Bilsteins (PN 550012 & 550013) and ACDelco Professional Premium Coil Springs (PN 45H2044 & 45H0068).

One of the front ball joints needed replacing as well as the sway-bar end links. Because I removed the air-shocks, a pair of Air Lift 1000 Series (PN 60755) were fitted into the rear coils.

Finally a full four wheel alignment was done.

Needless to say after all that I was expecting a pretty noticeable difference and I wasn't disappointed. It still has a nice and comfy ride but firmed up and more controllable. She soaks up the bumps and corners pretty decent for a giant wagon, it's not a corner carver but you can hustle her along really well now.

The rear air shocks are a nice addition as I can dial up the rear whenever I need. Right now I've got it a little "tail" proud but like the rake of it. Have to say it's a pleasure to drive and makes one regret that Detroit stopped making these wonderful beasts.

Buick RMW.jpg

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please ask away.

Next up are some new tires, a window tint, some cosmetics and assorted electronics.

Take care and be well,



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I found hard to find Whitewall tires at Wallmart , they have them in 225 and 235 sizes Hankook 70K rated . I posted links in my Tire Thread. They ride great on my 92 RML .