1997.5 Regal GS Climate Control Illumination


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1997.5 Regal GS
Hi Everyone!

I have a bit of an unusual problem with the Climate Control Illumination/lighting in my Regal. At night, the display on the Climate Control works perfectly, but the buttons, save for the amber lights indicating that it is set to Auto, Dual Zone, or that the Rear Defrost is on, are dark. I have a spare Climate Control unit and it behaves the exact same way, leaving me to think that the signal/circuit for turning the backlighting for the buttons in the CC isn't working? I utilized a multimeter to test the bulbs that light the panel at night but they seem to test okay? Has anyone encountered this? Are there wiring diagrams I can obtain to test the car's harness to see if it's getting power to turn the lights on behind the buttons so I can see the climate controls at night? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!