For Sale 1998 Park Avenue Base Model Ready for a New Home - $1800 or Best Reasonable Offer


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1998 Buick Park Avenue - Base - 132K Miles
Alright, fellow Buick owners - here's your chance to become the owner of a great 1998 Buick Park Avenue that's been living in Florida for the last 20 years - she has Zero rust. This car has been well taken care of but is showing it's age. I repaired the hydro-lock problem with the intake manifold a few years ago (see posts), installed new air shocks in the rear to regain that smooth Buick ride, and replaced the A/C evaporator coil last year. As you can see from the pics she's still in great shape but has a few blemishes - passenger side door needs cosmetic work due to a parking incident but the window and door are still fully functional.

She has 132K gentle miles - as it has been mostly driven to and from the grocery store and taken on a few long trips around the southeast. The motor is strong and the drive train is working great. This Park Avenue is bone stock and has not been altered in any way. There are a few areas where the paint could use some work - especially on the driver's side rear bumper. I believe that this vehicle was slightly damaged and repaired before I purchased it used from the dealer but it was not disclosed at the time. It was never that bad and I just saw it as a car going up in years.
I would like to find this car a new home by the end of January so the first reasonable offer will send it your way. I have many posts here a few years ago - just look up my handle Spriteman - and you can check out some of the repairs I have made. If you have any questions please reply here or you can email me @

I'm going to miss working on this beauty but my schedule does not permit. It would be a great starter car for someone who would like to have a good platform to work on. Check out the pics and reply if you're interested. Here's another link to check out all of the pics -



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I'm interested in your car if it's still available. I wasn't able to see the April '13 thread on replacing the U/L intake manifold gaskets. seems the search engine doesn't want to go back that far. That said, if there's a PM option please use it to let me know when you can.

Thanks, Ron
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