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2 weeks less a day of new ownership - Aug 24, 2012


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2012 Verano - Cyber Gray
Well, I now have 2000 km on the car and get 7.4L / 100 km or 32 mpg (US) as an average since new. Quite happy with that. :D

I have lost my free xm traffic again :mad: , but it magically appeared again :D

Some how, I lost my paired bluetooth phone connection in the car :confused:. Oh well, I just paired it up again.

I put on 2 extra coats of wax on the front bumper and hood. Bugs now just wipe off.

I like the shelf in the glove box....quite handy.

Got my first chip that I know of and it is on the hood.

Waiting for splash guards.

It's all good!!!!


AK Goat

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......Got my first chip that I know of and it is on the hood.
Might be worth getting protective film for the front end of the car. I have it on the RAV and it has kept the bumper, hood, and mirrors chip free for the past two years. It covers the front bumper and approximately the first 12" of the hood. I will do the same on my next new vehicle.
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