2001 LeSabre review

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Picked this car up about a month ago; currently has 178,000. First impressions:
- looks are what originally drew me to this model; IMO it looks better/more proportionate than the Park. Parked next to other brands (2007 Sable, DTS) it's lower but just as wide - a look I like.
- quiet, comfortable, safe, solid. Quietest vehicle I've ever owned. Very comfy. Feels like it's made from the same granite they build Mercedes from. Fit 4 adults and 2 kids in last week; not quite as comfortable as our van (or truck, for that matter) but worked for the short drive we needed to make.
- made for an aging person. Everythig is easy to see and use, well within hand. Headlights are incredibly bright, and bonus for aging eyes.
- handles like a car 1/3 it's size; suprised at how well it handles.
- gas mileage. Average over 26 daily commute, over 40 instant most of the trip. Impressive, considering the plugs haven't been changed in over 140,000 miles (possibly never).
- well built, and easy to repair. Lot's of wear and tear with suspension components, still has very controlled ride and handling. Parts aren't that expensive, and seem to last a long time.
- flaws
Main one is battery placement, and the use of traditional lead acid, which creates leaks and corrosion. I've had to invest quite a few hours trying to correct it. The use of a SLAB permanently solves the issue, which GM should have used OEM.
Relating to the battery leak is the assembly method for the floor pan, which allows water to flow unobstructed throughout the cabin. This lead to floor rot in all of my passenger panels.
Another is poor light bulb choice in the dash. Nearly every bulb is burned out, and some are a pain to change. Thinking about a full LED conversion down the road to fix it for good.

Overall, I should have bought one years ago and did the service myself from day one; the car is not abused by any means, just needs more work than I feel it should need at this age, had it been 100% maintained over the years (I would have corrected most issues before they got to this stage, including the floor rot, which the previous owners knew about 150,000 miles ago and did nothing to fix).
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