2002 Buick Century Brake Line Identification


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Hi, I need help identifying a brake line that recently went bad. It doesn't run off the brake cylinder. Instead, it runs from underneath the car to a censor attached to the top of the engine block. I know it's a brake line because when I added brake fluid and pressed the brake, brake fluid misted out of it on the metal portion of the line dropping the fluid level again. I just need help identifying the line so I can order a new part. In the picture, it is the line with the green cap. It is a hybrid line of rubber hose/metal brake line. 20180912_102638.jpgI have looked everywhere and stumbled across this forum. I am hoping someone can help me identifying it. Thank you.


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The line with the green cap is NOT a brake line.... it's a EVAP service port line.

Look a little more with a good light to find the actual line.
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