2003 Regal LS Windshield Washer Fuse Location

So I like talking to myself.

Anyway ... I fixed it and it took less than 15 minutes. It's the same fuse as the wipers. New pump installed.

The pump you can purchase for $15.99 at autozone -or- you can purchase an AC Delco one from RockAuto for the same price. I'm a GM kinda guy so I go with the Delco part instead of Republic of China.

Things you will need:

10 mm socket 1/4 in drive
1/4 in drive ratchet
small flat blade screw driver
dielectric grease
new pump

I am posting a video from youtube showing the fix on an 02 Grand Prix. Same procedure -except- I did the following and it was much easier and afforded me more room to work ... turn the wheels to the extreme right then undo only the lower 2 screws from the fender well. Laying down beside the car look for the first 2 screws from the wheel well and remove them as well. You should now be able to pull the plastic fender well away from the fender to expose the pump and reservoir. The bottom of the piece you pull away should rest against the bottom of the fender nicely affording you unobstructed access to the pump and reservoir.

As the video will show, pull the pump out and remove the delivery hose and electrical connector. At this time you should pull the old gromet out of the reservoir and wipe around the area to remove dirt. Push in the new rubber gromet and be sure it is completely flat for a good tight seal. Don't use the old gromet.

Unplug the electrical connector by lifting the snap. The small flat blade screw driver may be needed but be careful. Don't horse the connector, easy does it. Apply a small amount of dielectric grease to the plug and insert the electrical connector. Remove the delivery hose from the old pump and connect to the new pump. Insert the pump into the new gromet and snap into place, as the video will show. Try your washers now.

Button it up by replacing the screws after placing the wheel well back into position. Total time ... 12 minutes.

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