2003 Seat belt removal


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The bolt on the rear seat belt buckle side is very tight. Underneath seems to be plastic plug over an area where I think the bolt goes.. Does the plastic plug come out so I can oil the threads from underneath?

The bolt is probably taking 150 lb-ft to twist from the top. My buckle quit accepting the prong from the belt side. So I have a replacement from my local recycling yard. But that bolt is stubborn. At least it's a hex head and not a torx.

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I can't tell you for sure if that's a cap you can remove from underneath, or not. You can only hope that Buick took measures to protect the protruding threads from the elements. I have an early 90's Chevy that I've had to remove the seats in twice -- no caps, what a pain.

BTW, the thread pattern on seat belt bolts is often a "jam thread", meaning it is supposed to turn hard because often it is impossible to get a nut on the backside.

You can work in lube from the top of the bolt by turning it out a revolution or so, and then drizzling some penetrating oil on the threads. Now, thread the bolt back IN a revolution or so to work in the oil. Repeat this process as long as it takes, but at least you won't destroy the hex head (or in some cases, snap off a smaller bolt).

Best of luck with your project. Hope this helps.
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