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2005 Buick LaCrosse unresolved problem


I bought a new 2005 Lacrosse and have had the same problem the entire time I have had this car and it has never been corrected. The car has been in the shop between 13-18 times and they never could find the problem. The Oil Low light comes on almost ever time I start the car. I also bought the extended warranty and I was told by the dealer that it did not cover this problem even though it has never been repaired. I will never buy another GM car The dealer keep saying he was going to get it repaired and I kept going in and after about 2 years I was told it was too late to request a new car because I waited too long! They kept me on the hook until it was too long just so I would not request a replacement car. They new what they were doing all they had to do was keep telling me it would be taken care off. Is there anything you can do to help with this problem?

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Oil level can’t be actually low? Last free dealer oil change before I switched to synthetic oil and did myself...... filter was barely on finger tight. Oh well.

Try draining oil and blow out empty engine with compressed air. You have I would think an optical, float or electrical signal type sensor, never saw one. May get lucky and free up or perhaps slugged. No idea of location either. Used to flush crank cases with kerosene and even idle run engine for a minute or so and drain. You had a clean engine for sure. Engine Flush - GM Technical Service Bulletin
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So after 14 years of ownership, numerous problems, dealer not fixing warranty repairs and the first action is to post it on a forum? I guess the concept of trying a different dealer, contacting the GM zone rep or even contacting GM directly would be a stretch, yep trade it in on anything but a GM seems to be the best choice and the Lacrosse problem is solved.
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