2005 Lacrosse/Allure front suspension Sway Bar


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I have a 2005 Allure with a 3.8 and my front stabilizer bar AKA sway bar broke at the connector link and now the confusing part is what is the correct number for the replacement kit?? My car has that lighter or should I say flimsier soft ride stabilizer that is only 30 mm and the part number from GM is 25861195 and 25861194 is for the handling package or 32mm sway bar. Now the problem is Dorman 927-100 is listed as being correct for this car on Amazon as well as many other sites including being a replacement for the above mentioned OEM part numbers. Meanwhile I contacted Dorman and their sales rep was even confused. He said this one won't work. Okay which one will??? He couldn't determine this WTH! Next I find Dorman W0133-1984300 as the socalled correct one but here again Amazon and other sites list this one as correct?? Anybody else run into this nonsense and determine what to use? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW this Dorman kit is 33mm which will stiffen up the suspension and improve handling but is also a solid bar instead of the original hollow crap known to snap due to rust at the welds on this already weak design. Mine still has the black paint on it and snapped on a smooth road.


yes I,m going down this same road with our 2008 buick lacrosse cxl (3.8) I tried the Dorman 927100 and the center bend in the bar was wrong ( it hit the catalytic convertor ) did you have any luck with the Dorman # W0133-1984300 bar I was wondering if it would fit ? Thanks, Doug
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