2005 Lacrosse Steering Wheel & Radio Swap


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Couple questions regarding my '05 Lacrosse - there are a couple items that I'd like to upgrade:

1) Swap out my current steering wheel for one that has the HVAC and radio controls.

2) Swap out my single-disc factory radio (with the six-speaker system) to the factory 6-CD changer radio

Are these two plug and play, or does any additional work need to be done (i.e. wiring)?

Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Plug and play? No.

As far as your steering wheel controls go, the wiring probably isn't there for that. If it is, you'd need to find a way to get that programmed into the BCM. BCM programming is VIN specific, so if your vehicle didn't have it, you're not likely to get the controls to talk with the other boxes.

The radio? Sort of plug and play. Guess what? It talks to the BCM too. You'll either need to get the new radio programmed to the vehicle or get an adapter box from the aftermarket. Also, your warning chimes play through the radio, which may not work without programming.
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