2006 buick rendezvous instrument panel, fuel gauge etc.


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I thought at first I had a relay bad, my fuel gauge odometer would go out then back on, usually at low speeds. I attributed it to low voltage and higher amps. When I was at highway speed it never happened, as soon as we slowed down it would happen. So the odometer, compass, fuel gauge and the ac are all affected. It tripped out the other day and never came back. Any direction would be appreciated, I did check the obvious fuses and relays.
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speedometer is working, I don't think it is the instrument panel itself as the power to run the AC is off. The speedometer I assumed was completely mechanical?> Check engine light has basically been on since I bought the damn thing, always something. This past weekend I check every single fuse in both fuse boxes, moved every relay to a different location except one for which there was no duplicate. Thinking I have no alternative but to take it to the dealer.
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