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2006 cxs trany servo cover

Greg Reed

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I believe I'm referring to the correct part. It's the 3 bolt cap on the bottom rear of my 3.6L lacrosse. The fluid line that runs behind that cap has rubbed a half moon shape into that cover and it now has a pin hole leak in the cap. I'm wondering what changing that intels. Is there enough run to pull the cap off with out loosening engine mounts or anything? Are there pieces under the cap I need to be careful of? Anything I should be aware of

Rich B.

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Minot, ME
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2016 LaCrosse & 2013 Boss 302 Mustang
Someone that's good on Buicks may know. I can't even imagine but maybe an overflow vent line for the tranny and a catch tray or can? Think it's been awhile since speedometer cables were used and tapped off from tranny.