2006 lacrosse door locks dead battery


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I haven't had this problem yet but I was wondering if anyone knows the answer. On an '06 lacrosse, if the doors are locked and then the car battery goes dead, can you still unlock the drivers door with the key or is it an actuator that the key activates to unlock the door? It almost seems like it's just an electric actuator that the exterior door lock operates. The reason I bring this up is that our oldest has our '06 lacrosse and he lives an hour away. He keeps it in a locked garage but he also locks up the car doors when he leaves it in the garage. It has a newer battery, but I still worry about it happening.
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The key should unlock the door even if the battery is dead. It manually unlocks it. It would be good to test the key periodically to make sure it works though. It may need some lubricant to keep it working as it should. We are so used to key fobs that we rarely use the key anymore unless we have to. I check mine periodically to make sure it works. On my '13 LaCrosse, only the driver's side door has a key lock.
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