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Hello new to this so hope i am doing this right.... august of 2015 i visited the website of tom kelly super store (just built) in fort wayne indiana i contacted them on a online thread set up an appointment to view vehichle half way to the site customer service rep calls and informed me the car was sold already online before my appointment....believe it or not this actually happened to me (documented) 3 times before i because frustrated with the lack of communication between fort wayne indiana super store and the decaur indiana site and online purchasing. I had a trade in worth around 1k and 1500 in cash around 630 credit score. i was ready to get into a new van bigger for my girls. So i called a competing dealer ship ran credit got approved and was waiting for my appointment when i was contacted yet again by Tom kelly in fort wayne for a appointment that i had made after the 3rd vehichle sold before i got there honestly i spaced it and i explained to the gentleman that i decided to go some where else that they could meet my needs better and he said well ms. What do you think of the 07 Terraza.. I explained to him i was never offered the Terraza and he told me it was new listing man do i wish i would of walked away then.!!! i canceled my appointment with south west auto in fort wayne and headed up to Kellys the sales deparment and finacing was great good loan good payments satified there. So being a single mother of 3 small children i asked for a moment to look at the van agian. and think about the payments and come back in with a answer and cash. Well it topped it off When the acutual owner TOM KELLY his self walked up to me and my friend asking if we were looking at that beauty (the terraza) i said yes considiering it he pulled out a large wad of money and started smacking it on the van saying if i dident make a descion soon he was gonna have to purchase it for him self.. My friend was in the process of video taping the features of the sliding doors to send to my handi capped grandmother and caught TOM KELLYS whole show of making a fool of his self slapping his money on the car telling me how much of a steal it was. I still have btw. I am completely sold clean 07 70k miles power train warrenty low payments that i can afford and i felt like i had made a life long business partner until i had it in the shop spending over 200 before the first payment was due witch was 202.00. For a transmission cylinoid witch some was covered by warrenty. some was not. Before i left they told me i was all set the only thing they seen other then the cylinoid was a small antifreeze leak but it may not of been so no worries this is in August mind you. And then i became a frequent flyier to the decautr location for repairs. So i decided that i feel taken advantage of and contacted Buick Corp myself and was appoint a lady named dezera and she was very helpful she contacted tom kelly and with out contacting me to see if in fact the van was in running order closed out my order!!! So i had the automated door opening by its self transmission still hitting hard and abs traction control service stabily stystm lights flashing and a loud clunking noise and the repair team at Tom kellys said i needed a new 200 battery that was causeing the lights to go off while driving BTW van not to start when i first start it and the doors to come open on there own. REplaced that then it was the Head gasket then i reported i had no heat they tell me head gasket would repair that nope!!! i told them that the first week i had it his team said a small leak? He assured me they cheaked the heat in the middle of August and it was all good. THis van was never checked out before i purchased it. Or they would of seen the blown head gasket...transmission...and dual heater core blown right? Since i contacted buick Marcus Geer from decauter contacted me waited until i cam to pick up my van and told me Buick is not the place to turn for concerns they were no reason to bug them because they will not do ne thing for me!!! very hateful and said Tom kelly removed 50 from my bill as a coursey because buick has no part of this. its a personal relastionship dealer ship and consumer. I went all winter with out heat in and out of the shop all winter long and after i informed Marcus of the video i had of Tom Kelly making a fool of himself and how i felt like it was a scam he called me into the office to sit down with him and his boss Adam and they offereded me a 2015 Chevy Travurse under lease and asked me if i could put 700 down that week i said yes but then they informed me after news years after i had called Adam 19 documented times he told me the payments were gonna be much higher then the Terraza they told me they knew the trerrza had lots of problems and some times they slip thru the cracks and thats just the problem with buying used car witch i have on video also. I asked them why would they offer me a 2015 when i was shopping in older vehichles? cant you offer me something more reliable in my price range and he said his hand were tied im still under warrenty and have folders of pictures of the broken oil stick they damaged after they replaced the head gasket the cap was never put back on the fluid container Marcus said it was intended to be put back on. here it is nearly a year later and i am still stuck with a van that i have to manually unplug my car battery every night to keep the doors from coming open and the cops comeing to my house i have 4 documented reports of that but the 200 battery should of fixed that adam mayflower explained. No heat head lights go off and on while i drive the van dosent start first attempt a couple times a day thumping back traction control light back abs and stability light vibration. When braking breaks and rotors in excellent condition over heats jerks inbetween gears and i can almost bet i will be walking by the winter. I really wish some one would help me.. I feel so taken advantage of i understand cars are machines and machines break down but comeing from a respectable dealership great Name Buick i grew up in Buicks my whole life i just dont understand why some one wont help me get my vehichle safe or another buick at same value so i can continue to do business with these people. If you could please point me in the direction for help before i am walking with three small girls to day care i would be ever so grateful i have all documents to provide to show all repairs comments videos pictures please help i just want a realiable vehichle please call sara sexton 260-355-9194


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have you contacted your local Better Business Bureau or a local radio or tv station that does pieces on helping people out with local businesses.
I would also take it to a local private repair shop to get an estimate of what it would take to repair the various issues you are referring to.
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