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2011 enclave - Cam Position Parameter Change.


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2011 Enclave
Has anyone toyed with the idea of changing cam position sensor programed parameters to compensate for some small chain stretch. The car runs good with no noise, but gets a cam position fault. This causes the car to shimmy around 1300-1500 RPM. If I am accelerating it doesn't shimmy only when I level off in 6 gear and rpm are again at 1300-1500 it will shimmy until I throttle up or down. I can help the driving experience by using the Trip Tronic Shift and leaving the car in a lower gear so RPM are higher and the car doesn't shimmy. The car is not worth the figure the Dealer gave to repair and I can't in good Faith sell it without disclosing it's problem. If I can make it stop shimming I will drive it until the wheels fall off or something else happens. If this idea has any merit I would appreciate your response. Thanks Gordon
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