2011 Lacrosse CXL V6


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2011 Buick Lacrosse
Looking for a car for my daughter. Found a very nice 1-owner with the V6, loaded. It has just over155k miles on the car. Has service records, all oil changes done at selling dealer on schedule. Shows that the alternator was just changed at 155k miles. Still a good reliable car at this mileage?? Car is in excellent condition inside/out. I am wondering what the engine/transmission life is on the V6? Also, what mechanical maintenance/repair should I expect in the near future on average. Thank you for any feedback.


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2016 Buick LaCrosse 3.6 Premium
At 39K miles (only 6K under my watch), my 2016 is too new to me for me to have any knowledge of repair or maintenance issues. And I think the engine in mine and in your 2011 are two different models of V6 anyway.

If the car is in fine condition, and if it's anything like my other Buicks, it'll be a good car for your daughter. Big and solid tends to be safer.
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