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I'm in the process of replacing the rear brakes on my 2011 CXL and have a couple of questions regarding torque values. I've done many brake jobs over the years and these look to be very straightforward. I've checked the usual YouTube videos but most of these are Knucklebacker material and anything but professional with no mention of torque values or even using a torque wrench.

Somewhere I read on a GM site that the Caliper anchor bolts are torque to yield bolts and should not be reused, the spec calls for 94 ft. lbs. and then 60 deg. further to set. Red Locktite to be used on the threads. If anyone has a GM manual to confirm this I would appreciate knowing, this may be only the procedure on the production line for the automated equipment.

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Nigel Jones, British Columbia.


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The manual for my 06, which should be the same as your 11 (Rear brakes did not change) says 94 ft.lbs. (no mention of 60 degrees) If the bolts are to be reused, you should use GM# (whatever) anti-seize. I, personally, would not use Red Locktite but the Blue Locktite. If you ever want to remove those bolts again, you will need heat to get them out with Red. It is a permanent solution. Blue would be your best bet, and probably similar to the GM # whatever. If you really want to use the GM version, I can provide you with the number. Don't have it with me now.

While I am a proponent of using a torque wrench, when I removed the rear brackets on my Lucerne, at least twice, the bolts were never torqued. I just could not get the tool on the bolt and have adequate room to torque them. Could not get the car high enough with my jacks. I simply used a standard wrench as hard as I could. And, I do not recall using any lock tight. The bolts never loosened. Fronts were different as I could turn the wheel for easy access with the torque wrench, and I do remember using the blue anti seize for those bolts.
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