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Buick Forum: Hello!
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Thread: Hello!

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    2012 GM Navigation Discs - Part No. 22827639

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    Navigation Disc
    Part No.
    2012 Global A High Nav Disc
    Out of Stock. If you would like to be contacted when this item becomes available, please complete this form.

    Laura & Brent,

    From the LaCrosse thread....Is this a major update in these Nav discs? The 2011 was not acceptable, especially for $199.99.

    The owners quandry is do we just stop updating our nav, making it a $2k backup camera, and buy the new 5" Garmin GPS for $179 with new maps.

    Please advise regarding content and planned release date. Thanks.

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    Re: Hello!

    hi have 2005 allure piece broke off differential housing car has 110,000 is this fix able on car or do i have to remove tranny.not impresssed with car my 92 roadmaster had 360000 before body gave out.

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    Re: Hello!

    Quote Originally Posted by pete64 View Post
    hi have 2005 allure piece broke off differential housing car has 110,000 is this fix able on car or do i have to remove tranny.not impresssed with car my 92 roadmaster had 360000 before body gave out.
    Ask this question in the Allure area where the experts are.
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    Re: Hello!

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    I am retired Buick Zone Manager with 2011 Lucerne. I had issue with fuel Pump relay under warranty. Buick issued service bulletin in July 2016. I have appointment for July 12 at James Wood Denton, TX. to have bulletin implemented.
    I believe Buick Division should at least share in cost. This issue should be a recall on all Lucernes as a potential fire hazard. See my info I am sharing on Buick Forum Below. Thank you

    Re: 2008 Lucerne fuel pump relay trouble

    The problem is caused when a passenger sets in rear seat behind driver. The seat frame can press down on the fuse-relay box and damage fuel pump relay connectors and in my case melted the plastic fuse- relay holder. Fuse box located adjacent to Battery under rear seat.

    Buick issued a Lucerne Service Bulletin in July 2016 for all Lucerne's. it instructs a technician to locate and measure a section of rear seat frame and cut it out, a picture is included. it also request replacing with a LOW PROFILE fuel pump relay.
    I had my NO START problem in December 2015 while still in warranty. I have scheduled an appointment with my Buick Dealer for July 12, 2017 to modify rear seat frame at my expense. Must be done or problem will repeat unless no one is allowed to set in left rear seat. Sorry I do not yet have Service Bulletin Number.
    Buick should issue a recall of Lucernes to address.

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