2012 Buick Lacrosse horn honks 3 short times when left


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Recently I've been having this strange occurrence whenever I leave my 2012 Buick Lacrosse. When I open the door/leave my car, the horn honks 3 short honks. I tried searching for any reason behind this but couldn't find anything. I know that it is not the warning that I left my key in the car because it's in my pocket and the honks happen before I close the door. I was also walking up the stairs inside when I heard the same 3 short honks again. Anyone had a similar experience with this?


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From the 2016 manual, the only three horn sound warning is from the Lockout Protection/Keyless Access section, reproduced below.

Lockout Protection

Keyless Access : When locking is requested with the driver door open and the vehicle is in ACC/ACCESSORY or ON/RUN/START, all the doors will lock and then the driver door will unlock. If the vehicle is off and locking is requested while a door is open, when all doors are closed the vehicle will check for RKE transmitters inside. If an RKE transmitter is detected and the number of RKE transmitters inside has not reduced, the driver door will unlock and the horn will sound three times. This can be manually overridden by pressing and holding [lock symbol] on the power door lock switch.
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