2012 Enclave Fuel Gauge shows Empty - Range shows "--------"


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I filled my car up yesterday and range stated I have 474 Miles left to go, gauge reflected full. Several hours later I had to drive home in a major downpour where I hydroplaned several times, struggled to keep car on the road (country highways where they don't drain well). Anyhow, stressed over staying on the road, I am unsure when my range started displaying the dashes (---------) where the miles left to go normally are or when my gauge indicator dropped to empty. This morning when I get in my car, problems still there and engine light is on steady, not flashing. Is it possible when hydroplaning I broke something loose? Or is there a fuse that controls the Range and gauge? Any advice or things to check would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, lw


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Not sure as a constant CEL light means something is wrong, the rest of the electronics may be the result of what the CEL is. It would be a good idea to get it scanned for codes and then see what it is and go from that point on.

Could something happened during drive, sure, could it be possible that something happened to go bad at the same time, sure. Depending really on what it is.


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Sounds to me like the fuel sender is not communicating properly. Maybe the connection was affected by the water, or the sender happened to fail at the same time. The fuel sender is basically just a float in the gas tank that tells the car how much fuel is in the tank. So the car should work fine even with a bad sender, but you won't know how much gas you have left (kinda important IMO). But I would definitely take it in to a garage, if nothing else in case that check engine light is pointing to something more than just the sender.