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2013 LaCrosse eAssist bluetooth problem


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2013 LaCrosse eAssist, 1977 LeSabre Custom 4.9L
Hi all,

So, I just recently bought a beautiful 2013 LaCrosse eAssist with under 19k miles. I had my iPhone 7+ bluetooth paired to it
and working perfectly. It would automatically connect when I'd get into the car. Music, calls, etc. all worked perfectly.

Today, it wouldn't connect. I tried forgetting the device from the iPhone side, but ever since, when I try to remove the device
from the IntelliLink side, I get a message that says "Bluetooth busy" on the car's screen. I've tried shutting off the car and starting
over several times. Attempting to pair without deleting the old device doesn't work either. I've also powered the phone off and on
several times, and turned bluetooth off and on on the phone several times.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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You can try resetting the radio. Pull the battery cables and let it sit for a little while. Re-connect and see if that works. If not you may have to do what the previous poster suggested.


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There are two service bulletins that apply to bluetooth connectivity on your vehicle.

PIC6120A refers to a fairly obsolete issue of Apple's OS and suggests upgrading to 8.4 or above. The other, PIT5468 applies if the vehicle's software has been upgraded. The fix here is to delete all pairings and re-pair.

Bluetooth in GM vehicles is a hot mess. There is circuitry in both the OnStar module (for the phone) and the radio (for streaming) that deals with it, but the initial pairing goes through the OnStar module.


I have a 2012 Buick lacrosse. When I go to Bluetooth, it says "not available." No response when I push the phone/talk button on the steering wheel. Anyone know what's wrong with it ans how to troubleshoot.
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