2013 Noise Cancelling Oddity


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Took the Encore to Nashville last week..... Going, we packed lite and all was well. Returning, we brought home a carload of equipment and found an oddity with the Noise Cancelling Subwoofer.

We had packed car the night before, jumped in the next morning and upon startup..... at idle - we heard a feedback'ish low rumble at ? 800 ? RPM. I turned off the radio & still heard it. Also noticed it would go away above 800, but return around 1900 RPM only to go away at higher RPM's.

Opened the hood just to have a quick look & did not notice anything unusual, Oil Level was good - so we drove home.

The rear was packed up to the ceiling and I started to wonder if it was the Noise Cancelling System....

Sure enough, once home & empty the car was fine, no return of the issue.

So apparently having the rear ceiling "mikes" covered up can cause the system (which I still to this day wonder IF it really does anything) - to go kinda haywire :)


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That's quite interesting. Wonder if something you packed was resonating at those frequencies like a drum. I've unplugged mine and driven around and it definitely helps. Seems like it just reverses phase on any background clutter.


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I read that it happens when someone is sitting on the front passenger side, so the only haywire would be driving alone or install an aftermarket radio 😊
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