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I've been a long time Buick driver, with a smattering of others along the way. The first thing to say is this is not your grandfather's Buick!!

I got my 2013 Verano nearly a month ago, equipped with Convenience group. It was the last the dealer had on the lot and I liked what it had for the money. Mine is Carbon Black Metallic with the 2.4L injected engine. I was a little concerned with that as many reviews from the pros seemed to indicated that it was a bit underpowered, I'm glad I test drove and found that whatever criteria they used in that assessment wasn't important to me at all.

With this engine, I'm getting 32 mpg on the back country roads I prefer for trips and at about 1200 miles, with 700 of that being a road trip, my average is 27mpg. I'm well pleased with those results. As to power, well I wouldn't want to take it to the race track, but for real people driving on the highways and by-ways of the US, it has more than enough get up and go. I didn't find any instance that I needed or wanted more oomph. Driving along at around 70mph, the engine is turning a little over 2K rpms which is a nice number for the power curve, economy and engine noise.

While the Verano isn't quite as soft in ride quality as the 2009 LaCrosse I traded for it, it is soft enough. Oddly the road trip tired me less on the Verano than it used to with the LaCrosse. It drives down the road very quietly, but you are aware of road noises but they are very hushed. Around town the road feel is more noticeable as the roads are in worse shape than the highways around here. I notice the bumps quite a bit more.

I've got Intellilink, OnStar, XM Radio and other electronics in this model and all seem to work well. The rear view video is nice, though I'm not quite used to using it and really haven't seen why it is better than the rear view mirror. I suspect over time I'll see the value. I do like the anti-collision rear system and the cross-traffic rear warning and it is needed because of several blind spots to the rear and sides. The side view blind spot detection works flawlessly and is very handy.

When I was looking, I really had thought I would change and buy a VW this time. The idea of the TDI diesel enchanted me. So I drove a 2014 Jetta TDI. I have to say it was a blast to drive with all that torque. But the minute I sat in it, I noticed the cheapness of the interior, some would call it 'austere'. If I had stayed on the VW path, I would have had to go to the Passat with more upscale packaging which would have put the cost much higher than a similarly equipped Verano. I still hadn't given up on that, until I read the maintenance requirements. Let's just say that VW TDI owners get to know their service personnel more than I ever want to know them.

So the Verano got the nod, the dealer worked with me and we ended up at a price very slightly higher than my target, but well below his target. Overall the 2013 Verano is a very nice package at a very attractive price. I don't regret the trade at all.


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Cool! Congrats on the new ride. I like filling the seats and and showing off off the engine idling with everything turned except for the engine. Lots of luxury in a small package.


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Verano is good model that takes by the the thread starter.I hope you feel good with the Buick vehicle.Actually i love this company from a long time from its vintage model because i am a mechanic by profession and its my passion.
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