2014-2018 Opel/Vauxhall/Holden Infotainment Conversions!


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Hey Gang,

So we've had quite a few inquiries on this lately and wanted to get this out there while we add the actual offering to the website but yes we have been doing these on a custom basis for people for quite some time! The conversion includes all of the look and feel of the Opel/Vauxhaull/Holden vehicles all while keeping your correct US market settings intact. We are also working to properly implement the touch pad controls as well.

These conversions will be an option for a Regal specific version of our Full HMI unlock which already includes some really cool features such as video in motion from USB, additional formats for the Video files, nav entry in motion, rear camera in motion etc. You can even combine this with a full proper car play/android auto upgrade at the same time for you 2014-2015 owners as well. You can find more info on the full HMI unlock here: 2013+ GM HMI Full Feature Unlock / Upgrade - White Automotive & Media Services

Below are some samples of the three startup and slash screens of the brands being discussed here, for now we are still taking these as custom applications so drop us a line from the website and we can go over everything for your specific application.


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