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Hi Guys,

I just thought I'd let people know about the lead time when ordering a 2015. I ordered my 2015 Leather on July 11th from Shaw GMC/Buick in Calgary with the intention of trading in my 2012 Cruze LTZ RS with 127,000KM. August 5th, my sales lady provided me with a build week of August 25th, and updated me regularly as the status changed in the GM system. Build confirmation was received September 3rd, but between then and November 17th, there were no updates provided by GM that indicated the car had been shipped. No amount of calling by my sales lady got any answers from GM about the location of the car, it just showed a status code for "Not Shipped". It seems once the car hits the boat, it's lost in the abyss. November 17th, the car status changed to the Vancouver port and arrived in Calgary on the 24th of November. As I am usually in Quebec, I had to drive my Cruze back to Calgary (miserable 3-day drive in the winter), and took delivery on December 1st. So it is a fairly lengthy process, be prepared to wait if you're doing a factory order; by contrast, my Cruze factory order took 7 weeks! And I'm already up to 4,400km :)!





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95, no 98% of Americans never in their life order a new car (vehicle) from the factory ...

they buy used or new off the lot

I doubt the majority know that a new vehicle can be custom ordered

Best of luck with the new blue !!

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