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2016 Cascada - GPS issue

Leslie Chartier

Buick Newbie
Buick Ownership
I bought my 2016 Cascada in Oct 2016. It had been driven by the dealer, but was considered new. The Navigation screen shows it is in Michigan. I live in Oregon. The GPS in the upper right of the Navi screen is disabled with a line through it.

I've been to the dealer 4 times so far and it is still not fixed. They replaced the radio and the antenna. They said they get conflicting information from Buick help. I know this has been a problem in other Buicks, but has anyone seen it in a Cascada and have an idea of what might fix it?

I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone!


GPS worked fine on my 2016 Cascada until today. 22K miles on it now and it thinks i;m in Michigan rather than Northern Illinois.
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