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2016 Enclave direct battery connect help


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I'm getting ready to install a Harmar electric scooter lift on my Enclave. Directions state to connect directly to the battery. Only problem is there's no way to get a wire to the battery without removing carpet, etc from the battery through to the firewall. I'd prefer not to drill a hole in the well the battery sits in. Any suggestions?


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If the instructions state to hook it up directly to the battery you are really out of options depending on the gage wire Harmar is using. There are the under hood connections, but that's something that Harmar would need to be asked, then it's running them down and out through the frame and all the items in those areas from the engine to the rear of the vehicle.

From the battery location, drill hole(s), paint the raw metal, grommet(s), RTV silicone and mount the new cables properly out of the way underneath the floor in wiring harness tubing.


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There is a 12v terminal at the battery just look at the fuse box and there is a red cover over the cable from the battery, its used to jump start the vehicle so its good enough for your scooter.
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