2017 Buick Auto light function (day vs. night)

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Hello all,

New member. Just bought a 2017 Encore for my daughter. On trip back from CA, blue sky (nice and bright), but am traveling east (sun behind us), at 1 PM (now).

Auto lights are on. Center console is in night mode. Put iPhone on with car play on, it too displays night mode (car play auto app displayed on center console moves back and forth between day/night mode too).

Turn auto lights OFF, console and car play move to daytime mode. Turn auto lights ON, back to night mode after a few seconds. Car turned toward west with more direct light, daytime mode activates.

Am I missing something dumb? Dimmer control works as expected to change illumination of center screen/other dash lights as expected. Obviously, either 1. Keep illumination setting to brightest as car seems to think it should be in night mode, or 2. Turn auto lights off.

Bad sensor on dash maybe?

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