2017 Buick Encore


I’ve had my Encore for 1 1/2 yrs and absolutely love it. But in the last week I’ve noticed the windshield wipers do not work when it’s cold out (32F or below). Took it to dealer last Thursday and Service Manager was baffled. Wires, fuses, etc looked okay. Wiper motor seemed like it wasn’t working. Had an appt. for Friday and when I went to drop it off, wipers were working. Service Manager said there wasn’t much he could do if they were working. So I left with my car. All weekend wipers have worked and not worked. I finally realized it has to be connected to cold weather. In the morning they don’t work but as weather gets warmer throughout the day, they work/then at night when temperature drops they stop working. Headed back to dealer tomorrow morning. Anyone else have this problem or clue to what is going on?