2017 Buick Envision Sun Roof


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Had my car in the shop for 5 weeks last May/June for sunroof issue. I was out of town and someone saw my roof was open when a shower started. Ok getting it under cover. Had a hard time believing it opened on its own, but I saw where someone else at the problem. The dealer had the car for 5 weeks and worked with Buick Tech assistance. The first replacement they broke the glass installing it. They had the headliner off checking everything and finally installed a new motor. They did supply a car for the weekends at no. Dealership was more than happy to see me leave.
Then on June 30 2020 I tried to close the roof and nothing. I tapped it to get it closed. Went to a Different dealership where I was going to be for a month to get it fixed. Had access to another car. Dropped off on 7/7 got it back on 7/16. Worked once and had to take it back. The switches were replaced this time. So new motor and switches in the last 14 moths. Took it back and now they can’t manually close it. Taking headliner off is where I am today and needing to get home. 500 miles away. Ugh. Only major issue I’ve had and I have a lot of miles on it. Thank goodness my extended warranty has covered both instances so far. Sorry for the long post. Any suggestions would be a help. Thanks
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