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2017 LaCrosse ride issues


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I bought this car from out of state (7 hrs. away) basically just over a year ago, 2017 LaCrosse (premium) with every option. I noticed that is has a wiggle when going over certain kinds of bumps. I work for a company that makes steering gears, brakes and suspension for a lot of car companies and I take care of warranty brakes and suspension. I was talking to our suspension ride guys about the way it wiggles, and goes over certain bumps and if they could take it for a drive and tell me their thoughts. When they got back they both said their was definitely a issue but could not pin point where at. So one day I jacked up the car and found both rear shocks leaking oil. So I took my car to a local dealer here in Farmington Mi. and they said they could not find anything wrong with it. I had to get ahold of the service manager and show them what I found and they said their not leaking, and I said its a sealed part and if oil is running down the side it is leaking. so they ordered rear shocks and installed them, but vehicle still has a funny wiggle over bumps and pavement grooves. Ask dealer for a ride along so I could show them the issue, they felt it and came back with its characteristics of the vehicle (bunch of BULL) I have had a lot of cars, and never had one act like this, you dont even enjoy driving it. I have been a mechanic for years in the dealership in the 80's and moved on from their to stop getting my hands to dirty. LOL
Took it back to the dealer a few months later ask for a ride along this guy felt the same thing and he came back with its the 20" rims/ tires, he said he gets a lot of this with trucks. I might believe that because its a rear wheel drive totally different animal.
I have even reached out to my suspension people from GM to give me any help or people to contact and they cant help me out. So here I stand with a car I hate to drive, just dont know what to do.
So has anyone had this issue or something like it ?
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Maybe a front-end specialist shop is your best bet in this case. Our 2013 LaCrosse tracks straight and stable and a pleasure to drive; yours should be too.

Was the car in an accident previously?

Does the car have stock Buick rims that came with the car from the factory (that might be on the RPO code sticker)? If not, maybe there is a fitment issue (extreme offset, wrong bore, wrong PCD, wrong fastener type...)

Did you have same problem before new balanced tires & alignment? Are the new tires high-quality? How many miles on the new tires? We have had problems with cheap tires at install and after say 15k miles (when they started wearing and failing).

If you have the stock wheels, maybe try rotating the tires front to back (see owners' manual for placement) to see if the problem changes or resolves.

Then maybe look at worn / damaged front-end components visually, wiggling the wheels, shaking different suspension bits.


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Sounds similar to what I experienced with my 2013 awd premium. It had a harsh ride and could feel every imperfection in the road through the steering wheel. I found that the front end had a lot of pre load on the stabilizer bar, so I put in aftermarket adjustable stabilizer links and set it in a neutral position so that the pre load pressure is off and it is sitting on the springs. I also took the pressure off the rear springs as it had no give in the rear. Kind of like it was strung too tight. I replaced all the struts. This helped quite a bit for taking the harshness out of the ride. On one unimproved highway near here, it would dip and rock sideways constantly like the suspension was too tight. It was jerky sideways and could feel it in the steering wheel as well. Mine has 18 inch rims and they add to the harshness, but not much I can do about that. I reduced the cold tire pressure to 31 lbs and that helped some. The softer struts I put on helped quite a bit. If on a smooth highway, which happens now and then, it rides like a dream. With the heat there are buckling spots in the highways, and I can feel those some, but not like it was before. It was very stiff like an old truck.