2018 encore boost gauge oil temp/pressure


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The outside world won't see this forum, yep that's the bad news as I haven't seen even any Buick customer service post for awhile. I know what you would like to do, trust me there's things I would love to change, but it's the limits of all manufacturer's proprietary OS that limits what can be done from the outside world without using their proprietary tools or software at times. It's like trying to watch cable TV without Comcrap cable box, things are just what they are. EBay has a Tech 2 knockoff starting at $300.00 +, used real GM Tech 2 a bunch more expensive, GM online hook up is available daily or on a subscription base. So it can possibly be done by a end user provided it's a option from the manufacturer that would be available to that make and model and the person has the skill set on operating the Tech 2 system.