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2018+ Regal Age Demographic (Poll)

What vehicle/age category do you belong to?

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Jack GS

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With Buick's efforts to market their vehicles to a more youthful buyer, I thought it would be interesting to see if their rebranding effort has successfully lowered the average age of ownership (for the Regal at least). Historically, Buick has hovered around an average buyer age of 60. This figure dropped to less than 50 years old in 2018 according to CarMax.

The obvious accuracy limitation of this poll is the small sample size of forum members. Additionally, older folks are inherently less likely to partake in online forum activities. My aim is to merely feed my curiosity.

I broke the poll into two categories because I am limited to 10 poll responses (site owner, it would be helpful if we could create multiple polls within one thread :)). If there is interest in seeing a poll for the GS or other trim specifically, I'd be glad to make one.

-A proud 25 year old GS owner
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I probably would have never looked at Buick had I not had an Opel Insignia rental 2 years ago. I had her for 2 months 3 weeks in a Combi ie TourX but got rear ended by a cab in Germany so they gave me a GSi and had that for 5 weeks. I had the diesel but it had plenty of pep and kept up with the rest of the folks on the highway no problem. My son loved the comfort, the USB's in the back, the heated seats.

After my Maserati Q got rear ended by a city dump truck I had to look for a replacement. This time however wanted something different and American........the only American built car I had was a 71 Ford Mustang when I was a teenager and it was a bullet proof car. So I went to look at Cadillac and nothing really jumped out......then I saw an SS and thought this was it. Scheduled a drive and was ready to purchase when I saw a GS in for service.......and had to have one!........So 2 days later purchased the red GS and got a smoking deal on it. The one think I miss the most and wish this one had this feature is the 360 camera!


Stillwater Mn.
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TourX (Red Needle)
I'm 70 and learned to drive on a 63 Lesabre station wagon with a wildcat 401 and a 4speed (on the floor) quite the sleeper. After that dad bought a Vista Cruiser with a 455 and auto. Another sleeper.


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45 here and due to pick up the TourX next weekend. I didn't help that AARP sent me a membership card a day before I decided to by the Buick. But in the end I am a sucker for turbo wagons, just wish it came with a manual transmission.


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I’ve got two Buicks. A 2019 TourX Essence, and a 1967 Wildcat convertible. I’m 61, but I had a Wildcat convertible when I was 16. Does that skew the results any?


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I'm 68 years old. I came to buy my Regal Sportback by a circuitous route. I owned a VW diesel station wagon that was to be bought back by VW as part of their settlement for cheating on emissions tests.

I wanted another station wagon; about that time the new Insignias were announced and the arrival of the new Regal version met my timetable.

Unfortunately, Buick chose not to import the Insignia Sports Tourer; instead they only imported the Country Tourer with it's AWD, raised ride height, and plastic cladding. None for me, thanks.

Volvo and Audi wagons were a bit pricey for me; Subaru wagons have the same SUV wannabe issue as the Tourx.

So I needed a hatchback. Tesla S, Porsche Panamera were way out of reach. Audi A5 Sportback was slightly out of reach; Civic hatch was a little smaller than I wanted

That leaves Regal Sportback and Kia Stinger. I drove both, liked both, but decided on the Buick.

Sorry if I move the average age up, it happens.
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Almost 62, but with a 21 yr old spirit :). Wifey picked the car as she wouldn’t drive my XTS. Absolutely no complaints about the switch. One of the best cars I had was a 2005 Buick LeSabre. Gave it to my daughter for school, she called it “Mobes” as it was a big white beast! Still wish I had my old ‘70 Chevelle, though. That thing moved, and I could fit 3 half kegs in the trunk :)


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I don't meet the voting criteria and didn't vote for that reason but thought I'd chime in. I'm 37 with a '17 GS, last of the outgoing model. I purchased it technically new last year.
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