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2019 GS First 800 miles thoughts


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I have had my Share of mystery Noise. I'm Happy to say most have gone away,, or maybe I'm getting used to the car? The more miles I put on it the Smoother and tighter it Feels.Drive it hard,its a Machine
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I pretty much agree with the sentiments posted here.

I'm still impressed with it but as I've just passed 10000km (6200 miles) I've started noticing wear on the Michelins and they are not cheap. But at least they are wearing evenly. I get 22mpg on average but my car mostly does trips of at least 50 miles at a time on highways and back roads.

All the small things that bug me about the car are not so bad as to make me regret buying it.


Two ways to mute:
End phone call button on the steering wheel
Pressing the infotainment power button
BT - just wanted to let you know about a previous post : in my 2020 GS there is a manual Recirc button on the right hand temp control knob - FYI
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