225/60-16 Michelin X-Ice snow tires on American Racing Wheels


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These were on my 2009 Buick Lacrosse. The wheels are American Racing with a 5x115 lug pattern. The standard size would be 5x4.53. The offset is 40. One tire has only half day of a season on it. The rest have 3 or 4 seasons on them. Easy can go one more season. I sold the car and they don't fit the new one. This wheel/tire fits many of the late 2000's gm cars like the grand prix and others. Comes with 20 12mm x 1.5 black small diameter lug nuts and tool. These also have the tpms sensor in them. Should fit alot of Pontiacs, Chevy's and others.

Can send pics.

Located outside of Detroit, Mi.
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