28mm Front Sway Bar with 26mm rear?


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As I said in the control arm thread, I've decided to stick with the stock upper and lower control arms on my 96 RMS. I am replacing the rear LCAs with a NOS set of heavier duty GM service bulletin arms that I found on Ebay. My car currently has the small 28mm front bar and no rear bar (FE1). I know the Impala SS, 9C1 and other cars with a heavy duty suspension have a 30mm front bar and a 28mm rear. Another forum member hooked me up with a guy parting out some SSs in the Atlanta area and I planned on making a stop to see him when I go back to the ATL area for a visit next month. However, when I made a trip to the junkyard today, I saw a 96 Caddy Fleetwood. It has front and rear sway bars. I didn't have time to get the yard staff to lift the car so I could get the bars today, but they only want $50 total for both bars. My plan was to return next week and get them, thinking they're the same spec as the SS bars.

I did some deeper reading and one forum post said that the front bar on the Fleetwood is the same 28mm bar that I have on my car with a 26mm rear, but I can't verify it anywhere else. When I Google "1996 Cadillac Fleetwood sway bar diameter", all I get are aftermarket bars for sale or forum discussions about installing aftermarket bars.

I can measure the front bar on the Caddy with some calipers next week. If the front bar is the same as mine, I'll just grab the rear.

Here's my question: Is anyone out there running a 28mm front bar with a 26mm rear? I realise the 30mm front bar will be more agressive than the 28mm bar I have, but will the car handle "weird" with this setup? I suppose I could try it and see, but I'd like to do the whole suspension and steering at one time over a weekend, although compared to replacing all the bushings and steering parts, changing front sway bars is pretty easy.

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