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Buick Forum: 2012 Buick Verano
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    2012 Buick Verano

    Trim Package: Leather
    Options: 9 speaker Bose sound system w/Navigation, Keyless entry and operation, Automatic

    A nicely priced luxury sedan that is very quiet, blocking out most external sounds, creating a comfortable interior environment.
    Handles very nicely on the curves, and has decent pickup and go.

    The Navigation deletes some of the functionality of the Intellisense interface with the sound system. Voice control and Bluetooth audio streaming are the key features removed.
    Nice integration with iPod and iPhone products via USB for sound system interaction with full control from the steering wheel and center console.
    Bluetooth interaction for hands free iPhone calling.

    Keyless entry works fairly well, by unlocking the doors when the key holder tries to open one, though occasional retries are needed. Family does not like this feature as they have to wait for me to open the door first.
    On Star is of course a great feature to have, and the iPhone App for remote start and fluid levels/air pressure is very nice to use with this car. Remote start as I leave my office means I have a cool interior when I get to the car in the parking lot.

    For the colder climates, the heated steering wheel and heated seats are an awesome feature to have. The seat heating can be set to turn on with the remote start.

    6 way power seat adjusts very well to the position you want to be in, but lacks a memory feature. Sharing the car or taking it into the dealer causes re-adjustments.

    Rated at 21/32 MPG City/Highway - I am getting about 26 with a mix of 1/2 of each daily. Road trips do get 32+ MPG, and the Verano is very comfortable for long drives.
    The engine is generally seen as low power, but there is more than enough to get in front of just about anyone. Quite easy to speed in due to the quietness of the vehicle. I had no problem going 70+ up long steep hills passing most everyone else.

    The automatic transmission shifts smoothly on the way up, and it a little aggressive as you slow down. It is common to feel engine compression braking while using the brakes, it takes some getting used to.
    I think the noise of the engine and transmission could be reduced at low speeds by changes at manufacturing. Not being a mechanical engineer, I can't say what these would be, but it would be nice to reduce this noise.

    Overall a great luxury vehicle for < $25K.

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    Re: 2012 Buick Verano

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    Sounds great! There are some good used one out there now too!
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