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3rd set of rear brakes 2012 GS 75k


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Just had the 3rd set of rear brakes installed on my 2012 automatic GS with 75k miles. Fronts have another 10k or so miles to go on 2nd set of front pads. Why are the rear wearing out faster than the fronts? Stock 19's and OEM style Goodyears (2nd set).


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Have you tried changing the quality of the rear pads from OEM? I had the same problem with my Z28 rear pads @ 15K. Of course, the dealer said it was normal wear and could do not anything but replace the pads at my expense. At that time, I changed the pads myself and used Pro-Stop Z26 pads and put another 36K more miles on it before they wore down to 1/4 pad. I am sure they would have lasted 50K!


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I wonder if the e brake is sticking? I changed my rotors and pads all the way around at 70k. Went with oem pads all the way around with aftermarket rotors. At 97k the tears look new still and the fronts are toast including the rotors. Going with z26 pads up front this time.


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2012 Buick Regal GS
I just did the front Brembo and had a caliper go in the rear. Rear pads had plenty of life, so left. If both rears are going and wear is even, I'd vote a master cylinder or something else related to hydraulics. No matter the car, the fronts always apply more pressure than rear. If you have a real issue, braking should make the car unpredictable (check videos of what happens with rear brake bias).


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My front pads wore out at 22k and 45k, OEM both times. Replaced my rear pads at 45k also. Have to agree it seems strange to have rear pads wear faster than front.


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No matter the car, the fronts always apply more pressure than rear.
Not always the case on modern cars. Not sure if the GS has it but many are starting to use electronic brake force distribution. During light and typically normal braking loads the system puts bias to the rear to help reduce brake dive and balance wear. I had a 2004 Mazda 3 with EBD and it was odd seeing the rear wheels always covered with more brake dust than the front. The rears did wear a lot faster too.
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