4 cylinder Engine 2012 verano


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I bought my 2012 Verano late last year and am very pleased with this vehicle.
It is the first 4 banger that I have owned....my previous car was a Buick regal with a 3.8 V6 engine.

Due to snowy conditions I have not had a chance to push the car a bit. Lately our roads have become dry and I thought I would accelerate the vehicle more briskly just to try out the engine.

I started from a dead stop and floored the engine and it took off quite well but the engine obviously stayed in a low gear and it reached 4000 rpm while it whined away....of course I took my foot off the gas pedal and then the tranny went into the upper gears.

An old guy like me won't be pushing the vehicle this hard but is it normal for a 4 cylinder to not change the gears even though you have the gas pedal pushed down? I certainly don't want to cause any damage and have learned a lesson and that is to take it a little easy on the gas and let the car tranny go through the gear sequencing and try not to push this little 4 banger.

Is this normal for a 4 cylinder engine?:confused::confused: I assume the turbo would not have this problem.


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This is pure speculation from me as I am not yet a Verano owner, but I think what happened is you experienced the how the car's base automatic transmission works under duress. In many reviews I read last year, critics wrote that in normal driving, it is designed to upshift as quickly as possible for better fuel mileage.

When you tried to push your car's limits, the transmission's program responded by keeping using a lower gear until you lifted your right foot off the throttle. The turbo version uses a different automatic transmission, one that better handles the torque of the 2L, but I'm not sure it would be programmed any differently. Perhaps someone who has driven both models will know and chime in.

Weight, hp and torque are also factors here. Depending on which Regal you owned, your Verano's 2.4L may make less power than the 3.8L you had, especially torque. The Verano may also weigh nearly as much what your old Regal weighed.


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I wouldn't worry about it. The car won't let you blow the engine. If you ever hit the redline, the rev-limiter will kick in and back off the power.

Your car would have eventually shifted with your foot on the gas. Peak torque comes on around that 4000 rpm range if memory serves so it likely wouldn't shift until the rpm got a bit higher and out of the peak range.


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Don't have the Verano, but I know the Buick Century 3.1 Engine will let me get to 60KM/h easily in 1st gear without shifting, not sure of the RPM's as the tach in the car (but you can hear it's working).

Also like bensinep said, it will eventually shift gears when it get's too high.
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