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Buick Forum: 1987 Grand National yard find value?
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    1987 Grand National yard find value?

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    My dad recently ran upon a bard yard full of collectors cars. One of the twelve cars was a '87 GN TTop car. It has been sitting outside exposed to the elements for several years now. Everything is there on the car., it has around miles. Owner says it was parked due to brake problems. It is fair shape, it will need to be restored to suit. I am looking at purchasing the car, can anyone chime in on value. Pics to follow! Thanks, and God bless!
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    Re: 1987 Grand National yard find value?

    WOW! Lots of work to be done there! How bad is the interior? From the looks of it, you will have your work cut out for you!

    My car sat up for about 8-9 years, however it was closed up in a garage the whole time. So it took a small amount of work to get her going again, however it was so so worth it!

    I'd say that your best plan of attack is to get her up and running first and foremost. You might check out the TurboBuick forum and look up "Spring Cleaning" as they have a nice write up there that spells out everything that you will need to get her done!

    However, for a short list you will need all new belts, hoses, plugs, fuel pump, fuel and cooling system flush, all new fluids, and it'll probably need all new vacuum hoses as well. Although I probably should have, however I didn't keep tabs on mine. But, I would guess that it only cost me about $800 or $900 roughly to do the whole Spring Cleaning Regimen mentioned above. And I'd definitely say get her running first and then work on the cosmetics!

    Oh and the first thing that I did was to pull all of the plugs and fill the cylinders with a mixture kroil and marvel mystery oil. And I did so even though I knew my car would not be locked up or the like. In that, I just wanted to lubricate the cylinders and all of that. On yours you might want to remove both valve covers and lubricate everything from the top down! JUST DON'T FORGET TO PULL THE PLUGS BACK OUT AND SPIN HER OVER A FEW TIMES BEFORE YOU TRY TO START THE CAR. In that, you will need to get all of the lube out of there before you do that. Lots of luck to you and post up some progress pics!!!

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    Re: 1987 Grand National yard find value?

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    First thing i would do is make sure it is for real by checking the information on the link below

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