First, thank you for entertaining our questions. I'm sure all of you are very busy. Just a couple weeks ago I bought a 2008 enclave with 69,000 miles. The vehicle looks and feels like new (aside from minor issues) but I love it! As I was shopping I came across an Enclave with the factory over head DVD player. I bought my enclave without the option lol. My 9 month old daughter will grow to love the entertainment, if I can make it happen. what I have done, is found a very nice Gm ceiling mount DVD player with mounting bracket, 2 new head phones, new remote and the in dash DVD/cd player all made by GM My questions are 1) is the ceiling set up to receive the bracket (with 4 screws and some clips). 2)Is the enclave pre wired for the option? 3)If not can I buy the harness and possibly a wiring diagram? I'm not sure where the wires should be run (air bags on pillars?) Very much a technical question, however knowing some of these questions would be very helpful, thanks again Scooby doo and spong bob await. Lol