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The Amsoil stuff I'm using is called "Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube, 75W-90".

Seemed the closest to the BOT stuff the car came with, and it works pretty much the same. I use it at this point just because I can get it easier than the BOT, and I change mine yearly since I track the car and put in the LSD.
Perfect, thanks for the feedback!

I was having a hard time finding the appropriate Amsoil product because when you go by their "fluid recommendations" chart for the Regal they say "No Amsoil Product Recommended (or something like that)" under MTF.

Other products I found replacement info on included Red Line's MT-85 75W85 GL-4 Gear Oil, which they have a replacement chart specifically listing Castrol BOT 402 and GM 88862472/3.

Royal Purple also has their own "recommended lubricant" chart that says to use their 5W-30 motor oil in place of 88862472/3 BOT 402 - does this seem right to anyone? That would be much easier for me to source locally, but I'm much more inclined to order in some of the Amsoil or Red Line MTF/gear oil to get the right viscosity.