Cascada Convertible attracts new customers ahead of three more launches

05.18.2016 – Over the past three years Buick‘s global sales have grown well beyond expectations. Their sales have already increased astronomically through 2016. In the month of April Buick experienced an all time high in sales and new customer growth from competitor brands thanks to the Cascada.

The two leading models are the new Cascada and the ever popular Encore reaching pinnacle sales within the Buick community. Between January and April of 2016, more than 35,000 new customers have switched to Buick.

Cascada has outperformed in the month of April with 1,090 sales and over 2,487 between January and April 2016. The percentage of Cascada buyers within the first three months of the year have hit an all time high of 64%. This percentage comes from new Buick buyers who’ve traded in their vehicles made by other manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda and Audi. Read more...