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Buick Forum: An Engine that will Run on Human Gas
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    An Engine that will Run on Human Gas

    We all know flatulence is flammable, which means there is a lot of energy potential in every time we let one go. Why has no one ever experimented with simply having something built into the seats of cars to catch and use the gas our bodies let loose as we drive? It seems so simple to me to capture our gas and store it in a tank like as gas or petrol is kept, and use it to power our vehicles. What would be more natural and a great use of something we produce endlessly on a daily basis? If we ever ran out of gas, all we would have to do is pull over and wait for a good samaritan passing by who would let you grab some of theirs. Does it sound to funny for someone to seriously suggest this in a corporate meeting? I wish I was a scientist and good at inventing things.

    After some googling, I suppose I have answered my own question. It is being tried with this VW Beetle.
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    Re: An Engine that will Run on Human Gas

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    I'm not quite sure I could come up with enough gas to power a vehicle. But I could try.
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