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Buick Forum: 3.5 Month Report
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    3.5 Month Report

    I've had my black- on- black Cascada Premium for 3.5 months and am thoroughly enjoying the car. I traded an Audi A5 Cab and saved about $20 K by not buying another A 5. The mileage is about the same as is acceleration and handling. The Cascada is about as quiet as the A5 at highway speed and I'm saving a ton of money by not having to buy premium fuel. Some reviews of the Cascada are unfair in my opinion. It is not a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW and shouldn't be compared to those performance/luxury brands. I always drive true soft top convertibles and for the money I'd buy a Cascada again in a heartbeat. Yes, there are things I would change. A Homelink system would be nice along with a less complex array of dash buttons (which I've now gotten used to ). The automotive press and others who write reviews but never drove the Cascada let alone invested in one should compare apples to apples, or at least close. I get asked all the time what is that? It looks like a 7 Series BMW. When I say it's a Buick many don't believe it. The only complaint I have so far is that the AM radio reception isn't great. Until a fix is found I'll live with it. At least the engine doesn't need to be removed and rebuilt which is what happened with my A% just before I traded it.

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    Re: 3.5 Month Report

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    Just passed 12,000 miles on mine. Averging 27.5mpg in all driving conditions. Have had the top down about 60% of the time and am still loving the car as well. I agree its a great car, handles well and is a dream to drive. People ask about it all the time and I tell them to take a test ride and see for themselves. The ones writing about it without driving it are the ones missing out. MOTORWEEK episode 3537 did a great review of it. Enjoy the rest of the summer and fall driving, winter will be here soon,

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